Are you curious about what a wall bar/table is? Well, let me explain. It’s a trendy way of utilizing space efficiently by mounting an impressively sturdy table on the wall using heavy-duty brackets. You might be wondering what the purpose of a wall bar/table could be. Let me tell you, these tables are incredibly versatile, as they can be used for a wide variety of situations. For instance, you can use them as a work from home desk to enhance your productivity, a cozy spot to enjoy your meals, or even as a display area for your business. Additionally, they can be used to add a touch of nature to your home by providing a space for your plants at the window level.

If you are wondering how many people can be seated at a wall bar/table, the general rule of thumb would be to allow a minimum of 15 inches of space between each chair if you want to seat guests tightly together. Alternatively, if you want people to feel more comfortable, you should allow at least 18 inches of space. As a point of reference, a table that is 72 inches long can comfortably seat four to five people.

Are you curious about the stools that go with these tables? Our customers have some popular stool picks, and we’ve included links to those in the image description. We also have a list of common tools you might need if you want to install these tables yourself. Additionally, if you only want the brackets, we sell just the hardware, and we’re in the process of creating some helpful plans to assist you with the wood portion of the table.

Lastly, we’re working on more ways to show the installation process for all of our products. In the meantime, you might enjoy watching this video of the installation of a folding bar in an apartment in to gain some inspiration for your own wall bar/table installation.