What is a wall Bar/Table?

Its exactly that, a table thats mounted on the wall. The thing that makes these special is the heavy duty brackets. These tables can support your new work from home desk needs, to plates of food for a simple spot to eat your meal. Expand your seating or display room in your store or just add some room for your plants at window level.

How many people can I seat?

As a general rule of thumb, you should allow a minimum of 15 inches of space between each chair if you want to seat people tightly together, and at least 18 inches if you want more comfortable seating. A table that is 72 inches long can comfortably seat 4 to 5 people.

Do you have links to the stools you use?

These are our customers most popular stool picks. Click the image to go to the product on amazon.

What tools will I need to install this?

Click to find the common tools you might need to install these in your space.

Do you just sell the brackets?

Yes for those of you that want to make your own wood portion of the table I sell just the hardware, and soon some plans to help. Links below.

Do you have any install videos?

We are working on more way to show the installation process for all of our products. In the meantime this video shows our folding bar being installed at an apartment in Colorado.

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