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Wall Bars Shipped To Your Doorstep

What is a Wall hanging table?

The perfect solution for adding extra eating and work space to your walls.
Made with old growth pine lumber and hand-crafted industrial wall brackets, this wall-mounted table top is both stylish and functional.

Ideal for business and venues

Our wall bar makes the most of your square footage, and can be custom designed to fit your space. 
Simply let us know if you’d like to wrap it around a corner or make any other custom adjustments.

 889 compliant, GSA Contractor

Small space?

Folding tables to the rescue!

We have two different ways to fold these up and save space when its not in use. Click to customize.

Tested and Trusted in Homes & Businesses across the USA

Slab Tables Saved from the chippers 

Do you have a tree that needs saving?
We can pick it up, cut it into slabs and create timeless furniture for you to cherish for years to come.
In addition, we receive lots of oak and walnut lumber from our local arborists. So, if you don’t have a tree to save, no worries! We have the lumber you need. Schedule a meeting with us and let’s build something special for your space.

Metal Fabrication? No problem!

We also fabricate and repair metal railings and parts of all kinds and styles. No matter the size project we can get it done in any material you need, and ship it or (install for you within the Midwest) 
Steel, Aluminum, Brass 
AWS Certified 

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