Hi, I’m Ronders

Ron Dyrcz is the name, but who knows how to say Dyrcz?…thats why we go with ders and jam it all together into Ronders. I am a life time maker, Wood Worker, Sawer, Welder, Designer, and lover of all things art or making related. Most of all I love making furniture that gets used for generations while saving the trees from the chippers.

What I do…

I design and build custom furniture from local trees milled by myself here at my shop. Most people call me to save a tree coming down that they want to turn into more than just firewood. The pine that comes down gets cut into lumber and dried out for wall bars. In 2018 I came up with a turnbuckle wall bracket and used some pine I cut from the property for a bar table and bam the Turnbuckle wall bar was born. Thanks to you all supporting me we are now able to offer the wall bars here on our own website. If you have any questions please reach out.

If your looking to save a log from the chipper be sure to send me a message and we can start the process of making you something truly special.